Episode 100

100 - Meet Venn Gantt

Join us for our 100th episode! We get a bit nostalgic, discuss the challenges of product launches, reflect on lessons learned from business coaching, and explore the art of video content creation. Plus, we have a software corner, customer interactions, and potential SEO impacts of archiving products. Also, balancing custom projects with product focus.

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  • Product Launch - pop n flop
  • Variant cull SEO
  • Google search algo
  • Torn between quotes and product focus ➕1
  • 100 EP - Insta Questions
  • End of business coaching
  • Forced to reflect
  • Software Corner
  • Rhino slowdown
  • Desktop App
  • GPT memories
  • Boomer AI
  • Videos on Tooling
  • Why does 8mm compression cutter squeal?
  • What do you want to see?
  • Patreon Changes - Screen Captures, Live Videos?


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Jem Freeman

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

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Justin Brouillette

Portland, Oregon, USA

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Justin Brouillette (Portland CNC) and Jem Freeman (Like Butter) discuss CNC machines, their product design and manufacturing businesses, and every kind of tool that they fancy.

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Jem Freeman

Co-founder and director of Like Butter, a CNC focussed timber design and manufacturing business in their purpose-built solar-powered workshop. Castlemaine, VIC, Australia.
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Justin Brouillette

Founder of Portland CNC & Nack