Episode 47

47 - Brooming with Justin

In this episode, we cover a range of topics including new fixturing, sales performance, digital advertising, brand guidelines, and success metrics. We also discuss the concept of fight, flight, and freeze, as well as access to Bing's Sydney AI, and an interesting new product called KittaPlanta.

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  • Mother Pallet Born
  • Series 9 Clamps
  • Sales 📈 sorta
  • Digital ad cliff jumping
  • Traffic drops off, CR up.
  • Brand guidelines?
  • Proof of Success (kWh) PDX
  • Not paying for power with the LB solar system
  • Fight, Flight and Freeze
  • Sydney ❤️ AKA Bing Chat AI
  • KittaPlanta


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Jem Freeman

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Like Butter

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Justin Brouillette

Portland, Oregon, USA



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