Episode 80

80 - Condiment Regret

Jem and Justin dive into CNC advancements with Bambu Handy and RhinoCAM, ponder over Rhino Block vs. Fusion, and discuss US-grown maple ply. They share insights on finding industry experts, discuss a new Langmuir Titan 25T Press brake, and talk about the potential of GPT-4's offline version. They wrap up with a call for listener submissions on 2023 reviews and 2024 plans.

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Jem Freeman

Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Like Butter | Instagram | More Links

Justin Brouillette

Portland, Oregon, USA

PDX CNC | Instagram | More Links

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Justin Brouillette (Portland CNC) and Jem Freeman (Like Butter) discuss CNC machines, their product design and manufacturing businesses, and every kind of tool that they fancy.

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Jem Freeman

Co-founder and director of Like Butter, a CNC focussed timber design and manufacturing business in their purpose-built solar-powered workshop. Castlemaine, VIC, Australia.
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Justin Brouillette

Founder of Portland CNC & Nack