Episode 86

86 - Tumbled Walnut Knobs

Join Jem and Justin as they delve into the intricacies of CNC programming with a focus on tricky fillets, explore Bambu X1 mods, and discuss the creation of Apple Vision Pro. They share insights on Sora's role in AI, navigate through photo management solutions, and recount tales from 'Camp Covid.' The episode also covers financial tips inspired by 'Profit First,' the unique challenges of camping at work, and wraps up with a deep dive into modifying Bambu G-code for optimal printing results.

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Modifying Bambu G-code

; filament end gcode

M104 S0 ; Turn off Extruder heater

M140 S0 ; Turn off Bed Heater

G91 ; Set relative positioning

G0 Z10 ; Lower bed 10 mm

M106 P2 S255 ; Aux Fan 100

M106 P3 S255 ; Chamber Fan 100

M190 R40 ; wait till bed is 40º

G90 ; Back to absolute positioning

M106 P2 S0 ; Aux Fan 0

M106 P3 S0 ; Chamber Fan 0


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